Private canal cruise Amsterdam

The No.1 rated attraction in Amsterdam: a ‘real’ canal cruise through the city center.

Want to explore Amsterdam from the water? Use our private boat tours & charters in Amsterdam. Starting from only 2 persons we can always give you unique private experiences. We use several boats incl. small boutique boats, open boats and regular vessels. Depending on your wishes and demands we propose the best boats for you (you can easily choose).

Our captains create unique routes along the canals of Amsterdam. If you have any special request they will certainly combine this into the program.

Create a full experience during the canal cruise? You can easily upgrade your trip with our unique services:

                -Dinner cruise
                -Traditional ‘Dutch’ afternoon cruise incl. Heineken beers, wines, Dutch fish and snacks.
                -Evening cruises
                -Wine tasting cruise (for example our ‘business class’ wine tasting is very popular).

If you have special request just ask! Also we can provide (easily) your transport before- and after the canal cruise. So we have a perfect match between sailor and driver(s).

Curious? Call us instantly (+55 3 1234 66) or send us a e-mail