Group excursions Amsterdam

The word guide has a different meaning with us, ZOYO Travel - the new incoming tour operator in Amsterdam. We prefer to call him or her your PA (Personal Assistant). He or she is specialized in supporting you with excursions, transfers, technical visits and group check-ins. There is always a hot line between the PA's and our office. Therefore we can respond immediately, if necessary.

Our guides / PA's can arrange the following for your visit:

- Citywalk by guide in Amsterdam.

- Night walk by guide in Amsterdam.

- Guided tour by bus / coach in Amsterdam.

- Travel with your group and guide them at different locations in Holland. 

- Guided museum tours in Amsterdam

- Interpreter activities in Amsterdam.

Our PA’s speak Dutch (native) and English. If required, we can also provice PA's who speak other foreign languages like Chinese, Russian, German, Arabic and Indian. They are all facilitated by our department destination management Amsterdam. 

If you need any inquiries please feel free to contact our office. Visit our contact page.