Fabulous: Amsterdam hidden gems

You are in Amsterdam and want to see something more then just the 'well-known' touristic places? Yeah..we understand where you want to go. We made a small (secret) list of some hidden gems in Amsterdam! Pssst.. Let us know if you liked it?

Amsterdam's most hidden gems (but absolutely worth a visit!)

1. Vondelbunker

You can find the hidden Vondelbunker under a bridge in Vondelpark. At there, you will be able to participate a variety of interesting counterculture activities and events including concerts, cinema nights, art exhibits and dinners. There is even a micro beer brewery located here called Bunkerbier. And yes this is an actual bomb shelter from the Cold War

Check out their website: website de Vondelbunker

2. Geitenboerderij Riddammerhoeve (goatfarm)

There is a biodynamic goat farm in the middle of Amsterdamse Bos where you can interact with the animals and get a bunch of the freshest farm food including milk, cheese, meat, honey and eggs.

Plus, do you know the taste of goat milk ice cream? Geitenboerderij Riddammerhoeve is THE place. It’s so delish!

Check out their website: website Goat farm

3. Mediamatic

Mediamatic is a fascinating place where art, science, culture and technology meet, located just a hop skip and jump from Amsterdam Centraal. You will find all kinds of innovative projects, exhibitions and events happening all the time in a big greenhouse.

It’s a great place to experience weird and wonderful things and is a bit of a hidden secret that many people have not yet discovered. Want to learn how to make kimchi, brew beer or build an aquaponics farm? Check out their agenda and sign up.

Check out their website: website Mediamatic

4. Tiny Hidden House

There are some mini houses in the middle of Amsterdam crowds. And No, you won’t be able to fit in their doors. Want to find out how tiny they are, take a walk near the Noordermarkt. If you’d like to know the story behind the mini houses... let us know.

Check out their website: No website... and difficult to find! Good luck!

5. Coffee & Coconuts

It is definitely one of Amsterdam’s must-visit café, located in Ceintuurbaan. The building used to ‘host’ the former Ceintuur Theater and has been converted into a cozy coffee place offering quality coffee and homemade food in a funky environment. The apple & amarene cherry crumble and the hot choco are among our suggestions from the ‘rich’ menu.

Check out their website: website Coffee & Coconuts

6. Het Stadspaleis

A small distance from Dam Square you can find Stadspaleis, a tiny but extremely cozy café that seems to have come straight out of a fairytale. When you step inside, you will see a small heating stove next to two small tables and a little kitchen that produces tasty sandwiches, salads and soup. We bet you’ll have to succumb to the delicious avocado, hummus and tomato bruschetta. This is not is a café to miss.

Check out their website: website Het Stadspaleis

7. Museum Vrolik

An anatomical collection dedicated to human mutants. It is a great museum alternative to go apart from Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum.

Check out their website: Museum Vrolik

8. Trippenhuis

If you wonder the biggest house in Amsterdam, the Trippenhuis is what you are looking for. It was built by the wealthy Trip brothers in 1666, at 22 metres wide. Find out more legendary stories behind the two brothers, why not go take a look at this residence.

9. Kleinste huis van Amsterdam

In opposite, there is another residence only 2 meters and 2 centimeters. But surprise! There are actually a lot of thing you can do in that tiny space, such as have some brunch. Go and see if you can fit through the doorway!

Check out their website: website Het Kleinste Huis van Amsterdam

10. De Krul

Don’t be fooled! This is not an art sculpture but some bizarre public toilets located at most main canals. Have you ever spot them in Amsterdam?

11. Equestrian Statue of Queen Wilhelmina

See if you can find the mistake with this statue, its funny!

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